Welcome to our Midwest Pre 1840 Rendezvous page.

If you have ever imagined the excitement of time travel, you certainly do not want to miss out on this Coleta Sportsmen's Club sponsored event.  History will come alive at our Rendezvous events.  The public is welcome with no admission fees.

Step back through the pages of time to see, hear, and even question, if you would like, historically garbed participants re-enacting days long ago.  Crafts and foods of that time period will be sold.  Adding to the adventure will be tomahawk and knife throwing, black powder, and sharp shooting skill tournaments.

If you're a parent looking for an educational experience so fun the kids won't even know they're learning, mark your calendar.  If you're a history buff or sportsman or just curious about a glimpse into our past, mark your calendar.

Due to lack of interest and lack of member participation we have discontinued our Rendezvous events until further notice.

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