Gate key changes coming... Coleta Sportsmenís Club is in the process of installing electronic lock systems on the two entrance gates to Club property. These locks will utilize a swipe type of pass card and will become active on January 31st 2018. When paying your 2018 dues, new pass cards will be issued to you, but you will continue using the series 4 keys you currently have until January 31, 2018. Please return ALL Gate Keys in your possession between Feb. 1st and February 28th 2018. You can Mail them to Dave Lockhart at: 26945 Covell Rd, Sterling, IL 61081, you may drop them off at Riglerís Sporting goods during normal business hours, you may drop them off at the trap club house on Thursdays between 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm or bring them to our monthly business meeting February 19th 2018 at 7:00pm. After March 1st anyone with outstanding gate keys will have their new pass card deactivated until keys are received or arrangements are made. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience during this change over. For questions please contact: Dave Lockhart @ 815-499-2025

Membership dues have changed.. Membership dues for 2018 will be $60. The increase was voted in at our November 20th meeting. There will also be a change in how members access club property, details to be released at a later date.

Archery Novelty shot for 2018 season!  The Archery committee will continue it's novelty money shot for our 3D shoot participants.  It's a dollar a shot for a chance to win half the accumulated pot.  All you have to do is prove your shooting prowess by shooting through rows of pine trees at an undisclosed 3D target in an open field and hit a small nickel size orange sticker that's located in the center of the 11 ring.

Hunting Regulations

Due to the rise of membership, safety, liability and last but not least wildlife conservation, a six member Wildlife Management Committee was formed to impose certain regulations on the club property.  After long deliberation, the Wildlife Management Committee presented the Board of Directors with their proposal and the Board voted in favor of the proposal.  Listed below are the new regulations to be followed by all members.

These rules are in addition to all IDNR rules and regulations.

Upland Game Regulations

(Rabbit, Cock Pheasant, Hungarian Partridge, Quail)

  • One Cock Pheasant per member per day (existing regulation)
  • Hunters must sign in and out at main clubhouse parking lot at information booth (to be installed)
  • No hunting in restricted area (North East corner of Club, see map at information booth)

Deer Hunting Regulations

  • Only 2 individual deer hunters allowed per year, one deer per hunter limit regardless if harvested by firearm or bow.
      • The 2 individuals must be paid members and will be selected by a drawing at 2:00 PM on the Sunday of our last archery 3D shoot each year. One hunter will be drawn for the East side of the creek and one for the West side. Members do not need to be present at the drawing but need to designate on their ticket which side of the property (east or west) they wish to hunt. Members interested in participating in the drawing contact Kevin Cook at 815-499-3795.

Misc. Regulations

  • No coon hunting on club property
  • No dog training or hunting in restricted area, (North East corner of Club, but North edge of pond is not restricted).  This is the newly selected habitat area where switch grass and trees will be planted starting in the spring of 2007.  This area will be reserved for wildlife year around.  To eliminate confusion the restricted area will be posted when work is started.
  • Reminder Ė members only when using the property, No Guests!

Rule Reminders

When using the pistol rifle range, all targets must be placed within 10 yards of back stop (old dam). This rule was voted in do to ricochets going over the backstop while members are mowing and using the grounds. These ricochets could also travel onto adjoining properties.

Our rifle, muzzleloader and pistol ranges will be closed during scheduled 3D archery shoots. Also no fishing will be allowed during these shoots. Fishing and shooting can resume after approximately 6:00 PM. These restrictions are for the safety of our guests and members alike.

Only club members may use club facilities and grounds except during public events. A member is allowed to invite an individual to accompany him or her on club properties once for the purpose of recruiting new members. Afterward he or she will be required to join in order to access club properties.

Please abide by these rules, violation of the above rules could void your membership.

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