Our Queen of Hearts Raffle officially started on 3/30/19!

Current Jackpot to be drawn on 8/21/19 7pm: $6335

DateCard pickedCard revealedWinnings
4/10/19287 Clubs6 free tickets
4/17/1993 Clubsnot present
5/1/1931King Clubs6 free tickets
5/8/19326 Diamondsnot present
5/15/19472 Hearts6 free tickets
5/22/19464 Diamonds6 free tickets
5/29/1979 Diamondsnot present
6/5/19147 Diamondsnot present
6/12/19192 Spades6 free tickets
6/19/192510 Spades6 free tickets
6/26/195410 Diamondsnot present
7/4/19243 Hearts6 free tickets
7/10/19155 Hearts6 free tickets
7/17/19368 Spades6 free tickets
7/24/1937Jack Clubsnot present
7/31/1941Jack Diamondsnot present
8/7/1923Ace of Heartsnot present
8/14/1917 Spades6 free tickets
Please refer to the actual board at The Other Bar before picking a card number to make sure it has not been revealed in case the website has not been updated.

Click here for the official rules.