Our Queen of Hearts Raffle officially started on 3/30/19!

The first Queen was found on 9/4/19 by Julie K.  She was present & won $4910.50!  
The second Queen was found on 10/9/19 by Shelley B. She was not present & won $1123.50!

Current Jackpot to be drawn on 1/20/2021 7pm: $56,665

DateCard pickedCard revealedWinnings
10/16/1923King of Heartsnot present
10/23/19508 Clubs6 Free Tickets
10/30/19173 Diamondsnot present
11/6/19373 Heartsnot present
11/13/19119 Spadesnot present
11/20/19284 Diamondsnot present
11/27/19810 Clubs6 free tickets
12/4/19278 Heartsnot present
12/18/19295 Diamondsnot present
1/1/20226 Spadesnot present
1/8/20213 Spades6 free tickets
1/15/20463 Clubs6 free tickets
1/22/202610 Spades6 free tickets
1/29/2025Jack Clubs6 free tickets
2/5/20397 Spades6 free tickets
2/12/2072 Diamondsnot present
2/19/20156 Heartsnot present
2/26/20384 Hearts6 free tickets
3/4/20207 Diamonds6 free tickets
3/11/20329 Heartsnot present
7/15/20308 Spadesnot present
7/22/203610 Heartsnot present
7/29/2054 Spades6 free tickets
8/5/20106 Diamonds6 free tickets
8/12/20452 Hearts6 free tickets
8/19/2048Jack Spades6 free tickets
8/26/20315 Clubsnot present
9/2/209Queen Spades$100
9/9/2051King Spadesnot present
9/16/20197 Clubs6 free tickets
9/23/2052King Diamonds6 free tickets
9/30/203Ace Clubs$50
10/7/2041Queen Diamondsnot present
10/14/2012King Clubs6 free tickets
10/21/2062 Spades6 free tickets
10/28/2042Queen Spadesnot present
11/4/2018Jack Diamonds6 free tickets
11/11/2015 Spades6 free tickets
11/18/2033Ace Hearts$50
11/25/20479 Clubs6 free tickets
12/2/2035Jack Heartsnot present
12/9/2042 Clubs6 free tickets
12/16/20135 Heartsnot present
12/23/204010 Diamonds6 free tickets
12/30/2053Ace Diamonds$50
1/6/2143Jokernot present
1/13/21544 Clubsnot present

Click here for the official rules.

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