If you want to enjoy competitive trapshooting, sharpen your accuracy for hunting, or just explore a new sport in atmosphere of camaraderie; we have the answer for you – Coleta Sportsmen’s Club.  Our club has a total of 3 trap houses with voice activation throwers and 1 skeet field.

The trapshooting ranges are open to the public every Thursday year round.  Our lighted range allows for trapshooting to continue from 2pm until no shooters waiting. If you are going to be after 4:30pm in the winter or after 6:30pm in the summer please call Kent Bushman at 815-631-4868 and let him know so he doesn’t close up before you arrive.

Trapshooting fees are as follows:

  • $3.75 per round of 25 clays
  • $2.50 for 17 years of age and younger
  • $70 for 20 round shooting cards = $3.50 per round
  • 12 & 20 gauge shells – available at going price

Water and pop available; however, in the interest of safety, absolutely no alcohol is allowed before or during shoot.

Join shooters from all around Northern and Central Illinois and Eastern Iowa at the Coleta Sportsmen’s Club.

The Club has a Pattern Board that can be used when the Club is open for Skeet and Trap

Contact if questions:
Kent Bushman815-631-4868