• Targets ranging every 10 yards from 10 to 60 yards

The Archery Committee was formed at our Jan. 20th 2003 meeting. Our first year was a busy one with first priority going to constructing our practice range.  The area selected  for the range was a little rough but with a lot of hard work and determination it soon was ready for use. 

We have 6 targets ranging from 10 to 60 yards. They are spider web targets which are a type of target that allows for easy arrow removal. They are NOT designed for broadheads PERIOD! If you are caught using broadheads you will be charged for the target and loose your membership to the club. We have a 14 foot elevated shooting platform. The lower portion is a cement pad with bow hangers. The upper portion is designed to simulate shooting from a tree stand.  Club members have access to the practice range year round.

We have scheduled 3D Archery shoots where we setup 30 targets varying in sizes. Please visit our 3D Archery page for more information.

Contact for questions:
Kevin Cook815-499-3795