We have a 90 yard outdoor firearm range for members use only.  Our range is primarily used for sighting in and honing marksmanship skills with small bore rifles, small and large bore pistols and slug guns.  Large bore rifles are allowed.  Members are required to place all targets within 10 yards of back stop to prevent ricochets.  A shelter is provided to offer shade and some wind blocking when shooting from 90 yards. Please only place targets on the particle board. DO NOT place targets on the telephone poles. We can easily replace particle board. The telephone poles take more effort to replace. If you are caught shooting at the telephone poles you maybe required to pay to replace the poles and may loose your club membership.

PLEASE NOTE 5-6-19: Unfortunately the firearms range backdrop was destroyed on 5-5-19 by someone shooting the poles until they broke off. After reviewing entry and exit gate logs we believe we know who did this but we are still investigating the incident. If you have any information please contact us.

It is very unfortunate that members do not respect their own property. The poles have consistently had targets hung on them and been shot. Remember, this is your Club, would you shoot up your own target stands? Also please remember to pick up after yourselves. Treat the club property as your own property.

It has been decided not to rebuild the back drop. A few members have tried to rebuild it with different materials but unfortunately those were destroyed also. So you will now need to bring your own target stands to use. Here are two links for suggestions on how to build your own portable target stand:

PLEASE NOTE: The Rifle & Pistol Range is closed during any social events for the safety of our guest. Please watch the calendar for any events before heading to the range.

Contact if questions:
Kevin Cook815-499-3795
Dave Lockhart815-499-2025