Discounts for the Following Years Membership

  • Attend 9 out of 12 meetings a year and receive $10 off your membership
  • Volunteer at least 10 hours a year and receive $10 off your membership OR Volunteer at least 20 hours a year and receive $20 off your membership. You can receive volunteer hours helping during any event or performing maintenance at the club. Examples are but not limited to: Skeet or Trap Shoots, Family Fun Day, 3d Shoots, Grounds / Pond Maintenance, Building Maintenance, etc. A board member or officer must be present to qualify for the volunteer hours. If a board member or officer is not present it must be approved in advance to receive credit. Report to the board member when you arrive and leave to record your hours. The board member or officer will report the hours worked to the Vice President to keep record of the hours.
  • Board Members and Officers that attend at least 9 out of 12 meetings and volunteer at least 20 hours a year receive a free membership for the following year.
  • Watch Facebook and the website for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Remember, this is a members club. We do not have paid staff; everything is volunteer or contracted out.
If you can help with various projects (mowing, cleaning, washing windows, painting, minor repairs, cleaning gutters, putting docks in, helping with Trap/3D Shoots, etc. please step forward and contact an
Officer of the Club or click here to signup for current projects.