The Fifth Queen was found on 1/26/22 after doing a draw down to the final card. Josh V was not present so he won 60% of the jackpot. He took home $55,053!

Game # 5 reached a jackpot of $91,755. We held a draw down on 1/26/22 because if the person was present they would win the county maximum payout of $60,000. We had 16 cards left on the board when we started. We drew 6 times. Two individuals were present to win free tickets, one individual was present and found an Ace winning $100, and the 6 ticket drawn was the Queen of Hearts. Unfortunately Josh was not present to win to win the maximum payout. He did receive 60% of the jackpot which was $55,053!!!

DateCard pickedCard revealedWinnings
5/5/21159 Clubsnot present
5/12/21163 Spades$200
5/19/2135 Heartsnot present
5/26/219Jack Spades$200
6/2/2150King Heartsnot present
6/9/21404 Clubsnot present
6/16/2135King Diamondsnot present
6/23/217King Clubs$200
6/30/21227 Diamondsnot present
7/14/21144 Spades$200
7/21/21119 Diamonds$200
7/28/2129Queen Clubsnot present
8/4/21415 Diamonds$200
8/11/21188 Hearts$200
8/18/21103 Diamondsnot present
8/25/2137Jack Diamondsnot present
9/1/212710 Spadesnot present
9/8/21172 Spades$200
9/15/213110 Diamonds$200
9/22/2186 Diamonds$200
9/29/2142Jack Clubs$200
10/6/2168 Diamonds$200
10/13/21533 Heartsnot present
10/20/21132 Hearts$200
10/27/211910 Clubs$200
11/3/2128Jack Hearts$200
11/10/21238 Spades$200
11/17/21122 Clubsnot present
11/24/21264 Diamondsnot present
12/1/21463 Clubs$200
12/8/2127 Spades$200
12/15/2134Queen Spades$400
12/22/2151Queen Diamondsnot present
12/29/21246 Clubs$200
1/5/2221Ace Hearts$300
1/12/2244 Heartsnot present
1/19/2245King Spades$200
1/26/22488 clubsnot present
1/26/225210 Heartsnot present
1/26/22309 Spades6 free tickets
1/26/22446 Hearts6 free tickets
1/26/2239Ace Clubs$100
1/26/221Queen of Hearts$55,053

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