Our Queen of Hearts Raffle officially started on 3/30/19!

The First Queen was found on 9/4/19 by Julie K. She was present to win $4910.50!

The Second Queen was found on 10/9/19 by Shelley B. She was not present and won $1123.50!

The Third Queen was found on 2/10/21 after doing a draw down to the final card. Dylan M won our maximum payout of $60,000!

The Fourth Queen was found on 4/14/21 after doing a draw down to the final card. Sara P won our maximum payout of $60,000!

Next Jackpot to be drawn on 5/5/2021 7pm: $29,677

Carroll County Ordinance states we are only allowed to payout up to $60,000. If the jackpot reaches above $85,500, we will draw until we find the Queen of Hearts.

On 4/14/21 we WILL be having a drawn down. We will draw tickets and uncover cards until we find the Queen of Hearts. This could take 5 minutes or we could be there for hours. If you are present and your tickets is drawn, please come immediately to the ticket table to make your presence known because if it is not the Queen of Hearts you will still receive $100 if it is any other Queen, $50 if its an Ace or Joker, or 6 free tickets.

DateCard pickedCard revealedWinnings
3/3/202127King ClubsNot Present
3/10/2153Queen SpadesNot Present
3/17/21452 HeartsNot Present
3/24/2134 Diamonds6 Free Tickets
3/31/2123JokerNot Present
4/7/21172 SpadesNot Present
4/14/21166 HeartsNot Present
draw 2138 Diamonds6 free tickets
draw 364 Hearts6 free tickets
draw 419Jack Diamondsnot present
draw 5369 Clubs6 free tickets
draw 6428 Clubs6 free tickets
draw 7357 Clubs6 free tickets
draw 8145 Spadesnot present
draw 910King Heartsnot present
draw 10545 Diamondsnot present
draw 111Ace Diamondsnot present
draw 1216not present
draw 1387 diamondsnot present
draw 14256 diamondsnot present
draw 15409 Heartsnot present
draw 1674 Clubsnot present
draw 1736not present
draw 18246 Spadesnot present
draw 197not present
draw 2039Jokernot present
draw 21213 Spadesnot present
draw 2240not present
draw 23113 Heartsnot present
draw 2442not present
draw 251not present
draw 26159 Diamonds6 free tickets
draw 2735not present
draw 28442 Clubsnot present
draw 29116 free tickets
draw 30410 Heartsnot present
draw 31426 free tickets
draw 3248Ace Club$50
draw 33338 Hearts6 Free tickets
draw 3424not present
draw 35286 clubsnot present
draw 365110 Clubsnot present
draw 3729Queen Clubsnot present
draw 3895 clubsnot present
draw 39406 free tickets
draw 40204 spadesnot present
draw 4132Jack Spadesnot present
draw 428not present
draw 43497 Spadesnot present
draw 4419not present
draw 45106 free tickets
draw 4630King Diamondsnot present
draw 4718not present
draw 48505 Hearts not present
draw 49 286 free tickets
draw 50136 free tickets
draw 513not present
draw 5237King Spades6 free tickets
draw 5352Jack Hearts6 free tickets
draw 5452not present
draw 554not present
draw 5621not present
draw 5723 Diamonds6 free tickets
draw 58546 free tickets
draw 5916not present
draw 609not present
draw 6137not present
draw 6236not present
draw 634not present
draw 6413not present
draw 65196 free tickets
draw 6629not present
draw 6720not present
draw 6819not present
draw 69486 free tickets
draw 7039not present
draw 71166 free tickets
draw 72296 free tickets
draw 738not present
draw 7446not present
draw 7540not present
draw 764310 Spades6 free tickets
draw 77256 free tickets
draw 78122 Diamondsnot present
darw 7934Queen of HeartsPRESENT

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